Teeny Weeny animation, promoting EXTINCTION REBELLION’s Summer uprising.

Meet da world at Hostelworld. Would you BELIEVE I made this gif using the traditional wayz. Coloured digitally.

Adrian Frisbee always carries a condom. You should too

Testing 2D on a 3D background

More toonz

Jacob Rees Mogg, fuelled by dark mystic energy, awakens in the future to find that, actually, we aren’t yet seeing the benefits of Brexit.

Crazy stuff goes on in Hostelworld hostels

Crazy stuff goes on in Hostelworld hostels

Christopher ruminates on his art, with nary an inkling of the tragedy about to befall him

Some oddbod lookin fellas

Merry Chrimbo. I love Christmas. It is the season of the spirit! The message, if we hear it, is make it last all year.