How does soft drink production starve our world of precious water? This should help to visualise it.

A washer and a dryer while away their time in the basement by engrossing themselves in fashion magazines.

TV spot submitted to this year’s YCN Student competition. Didn’t win (omg) but it’s an inspiring video nonetheless. Collabbed with the gr8 Simon Turner (@sim0gram)

‘Window’ themed loop for the Loop de Loop competition, January 2019

‘Fear’ themed loop for the Loop de Loop competition, October 2018

I collaborated on this short film, themed around "The Walking Dead", as part of Lille's annual video mapping festival. Thanks so much to Recontres Audiovisuelles for providing such a wonderful opportunity!

In ‘Acceptance Speech’ (2019) someone contemplates his life's efforts on a crucial night

In ‘Hedge of State’ (2018) a man is forced to evaluate his lifelong dream as catastrophe looms, much like how I felt after leaving university.

Scrolled to the bottom, huh? I’d call this scraping the bottom of the barrel, but it’s my first animation I made in uni.